FOXG1 UK Charity

FOXG1 UK registerd as a charity with the Charity Comission in July 2016.


FOXG1 is a genetic, neurological syndrome present from birth. FOXG1 syndrome is caused by changes involving the FOXG1 gene. This gene provides instructions for making a protein called forkhead box G1. This protein plays an important role in brain development before birth.


We support families and persons suffering from and affected by FOXG1 Syndrome. The early years are particularly difficult for families as there are periods of inconsolable crying, seizures, frequent infections and sleep difficulties. Our children and young people exhibit a broad spectrum of abilities depending on the exact genetic mutation, but many of our children cannot walk or talk, and they struggle to communicate their most basic daily needs. Many suffer from seizures. They have significant learning and communication difficulties. Some are tube fed or need breathing support. All of the children and young people will continue to have high levels of care needs throughout their lives.


We raise money to help fund :

• research to treat the symptoms of FOXG1

• research into the genetic causes of the disorder

• research to develop a cure for FOXG1

Any queries or concerns?

Please call us on +44 07500 839748 +44 07500 839748 or use our contact form.

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