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FOXG1 UK exists to promote relief, care and services to families and persons suffering from and affected by FOXG1 Syndrome, in particular by: raising funds in order to research treatments for the symptoms of FOXG1 Syndrome and research into the genetic causes of the disorder disseminating or publishing the useful results of such research for the benefit of the public. Supporting participation into clinical trials relevant to treating the symptoms of, or development of a cure for FOXG1 Syndrome, or participation in clinical trials for similar Rett-like disorders and Rett Syndrome. Raising public awareness of FOXG1 Syndrome and promoting a greater understanding of the condition within the general public and the medical and social professions.

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First FOXG1 Research International Meeting

Parents and Scientists met in San Diego, California for a conference to discuss the research results so far.

Summer Meeting 13th July 2019

Save the date for your diary. Venue to be confirmed.

FOXG1 mum has important research published

New York Times Story

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